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Sub Rosa Issue 6 - October 2006

Sub Rosa Issue 6  Spreads / Single Pages
  • Robert Bauval on The Egypt Code
  • Blair Blake on Collecting Crowley
  • The Psychics Who Predicted Fatima
  • The Mysterious Manly P. Hall
  • Bosnian Pyramid Debunked
  • Plus: Tim Leary, Cliff Pickover

Previous Issues for Download:

Sub Rosa Issue 5 - June 2006

Sub Rosa Issue 5  Spreads / Single Pages
  • A look inside the Crop Circle scene
  • An Interview with Dr Dean Radin
  • Daniel Pinchbeck's 2012
  • Picknett & Prince on the Priory of Sion
  • Profile of Edgar Mitchell and IONS
  • Plus: Brian Joseph, A Scanner, Darkly

Sub Rosa Issue 4 - March 2006

Sub Rosa Issue 4  Spreads / Single Pages
  • An Interview with Jacques Vallee
  • Hunt for the Skinwalker
  • Timothy Leary and Aleister Crowley
  • Margaret Starbird on Mary Magdalene
  • Loren Coleman Profiler
  • Plus: Cameron Gray, Alan Alford

Sub Rosa Issue 3 - December 2005

Sub Rosa Issue 3  Spreads / Single Pages
  • Visionary Artist Alex Grey
  • The Masonic Foundations of America
  • Rosslyn Chapel and the Grail
  • Rational Spirituality
  • Ian Stevenson Profiler
  • Great Pyramid: Seed-Stone of Creation
  • Plus: Artist Luke Brown, Manly Hall

Sub Rosa Issue 2 - October 2005

Sub Rosa Issue 2  Spreads / Single Pages
  • An interview with Graham Hancock
  • Crowley, DMT and Magick
  • Does Our Sun Have a Twin?
  • John Mack Profiler
  • The Serpent Cult of Northern Europe
  • Plus: Shpongle, Rick Strassman

Sub Rosa Issue 1 - June 2005

Sub Rosa Issue 1  Spreads / Single Pages
  • Robert Schoch on the Sphinx
  • Quantum Consciousness
  • Terence McKenna Profiler
  • Donnie Darko Review

Bonus Downloads:

The Flying Saucers Are Real  Free PDF Book
  • The Flying Saucers Are Real, by Major Donald Keyhoe

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